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Please click the link here to download and print the 8 page FAQ document to get all of your information on Letters of Recommendation, Grades, Registration, Fees, Sorority Expenses, Moving into your Residence Hall.


Attending Orientation this Summer?

Be sure to attend "Meet the Greeks" on the first day of your orientation session.  Greek life student leaders and staff will be available to provide more information and answer any questions you may have about recruitment. 


Letters of Recommendation



Grades and Recruitment


Grades are very important - overall, Greek women have a higher average GPA than the undergraduate women's average GPA.  Most of the sororities require a 2.8 core unit GPA or above from high school, but more commonly a 3.0 core unit GPA.  In some rare instances, exceptions are made. 


The GPA verified by the Greek Life Office through the LSU Office of Admissions includes only the following core units:


4 units of English

  • 1 unit of English I
  • 1 unit of English II
  • 1 unit of English III
  • 1 unit of English IV

4 units of Math

  • 1 unit of Algebra I or Algebra I: Pt. 2
  • 1 unit of Algebra II
  • 1 unit of Geometry
  • 1 unit of the following: Advanced Math: Functions & Statistics, Advanced Math: Trigonometry, Advanced Math I, Advanced Math II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Algebra III, Probability & Statistics, Discrete Math, Applied Math III, or Integrated Math III

4 units of Natural Science

  • 1 unit of Biology
  • 1 unit of Chemistry
  • 2 units of the following: Physics (recommended), Integrated Science, Aerospace Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Physics II, Physics of Technology I, Biology II, Chemistry II, or Physics of Technology II
  • Note: 2 units of Agriscience can count as 1 unit of a Natural Science

4 units of Social Science

  • 1 unit of American History
  • 1 unit of World History, World Geography, AP Human Geography, Western Civilization, or AP European History
  • 1 unit of Civics or AP American Government or any combination of Civics, AP American Government, or Free Enterprise that equals 1 unit
  • 1 unit of the following: World History, World Geography, AP Human Geography, Western Civilization, AP European History, Economics, Law Studies, Psychology, Sociology, African American Studies, Religious Studies, or 1/2 unit of Civics

2 units of Foreign Language

  • 2 consecutive units in a single language
  • Sign Language acceptable

1 unit of Fine Art

  • 1 unit of Fine Arts Survey or 2 units of a music performance course, dance performance course, theatre performance course, studio art course, or visual art course

GPA Calculation

For automatic admission to LSU, an applicant’s high school academic grade-point average (GPA) is calculated solely on the basis of the core units shown above, using the standard 4.00 maximum scale (A= 4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0). The weighted scholastic GPA is considered in the holistic review.



You will also be given the opportunity to report your cummulative GPA through recruitment registration. 




2014 Recruitment Rules for Potential New Members


  • Potential Members are defined as:
    1. High school students enrolled in their senior year.
    2. High school graduates until the fall semester following graduation.
    3. Students planning to enroll at LSU, transfer students, provisionally enrolled students and current students at LSU (students presently attending LSU may be recruited in informal and open recruitment processes throughout the school year.)




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